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  • Congrats to women's day

    Congrats to women's day
    8 March, 2021
    We've heard the word 'WOMAN' a lot in recent years, right? So what does WOMAN mean? The woman simply means "woman". It means deserving to be like himself without being suppressed under any adjective. How many adjectives, virtues, obligations, responsibilities, qualities, and beauty can a word contain? The answer is hidden in only one woman. If the world was founded on one good reason, this beauty would undoubtedly be 'WOMAN'. Women are beautiful, naive, and skilled enough to turn the deserts they touch into vast oases; Strong, patient, and faithful enough to pierce the walls built around them by scratching them with their nails; they are smart, intelligent, and stable enough to rule those who rule the whole world. Woman means only women. First of all, everyone, both men and women, should learn this very well. Because we do not attribute any attributes to a cat other than to be a cat, we do not impose a burden on a flower other than a flower or expect a pen to create it out of nothing. For this reason, we should not expect any other responsibility from human beings other than being human.

    The woman has such a beautiful and naive soul that she has been commemorating her fellow man with beauty and the struggle to protect her rights since 1857. Now we all know the painful story that happened. We remember them all with love and longing. They will be remembered and reminded until there is only one woman in the world.

    The woman is beautiful and praiseworthy in all ages, languages, religions, races, and geography. She is given sweet little surprises and celebrations on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and birthday, but she uses it with her beloved quality and mother quality. One day a year when all women are praised and happy just for being 'WOMEN'. On March 8, it returns exclusively for WOMEN all over the world. He should be remembered, reminded, and celebrated today that he has such a strong soul.

    Choosing the most beautiful, most elegant, most meaningful, and most female gift on International Women's Day is a very beautiful and demanding job. Do not think that we have forgotten our strong women on International Women's Day, we have prepared unmissable opportunities and special gift options for our beautiful volunteers and strong women on International Women's Day.

    Happy March 8, International Working Women's Day, all women who make the world beautiful ...
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